Book a 15-Minute "Discovery Call" with Coach Rebekaah

If you’re a Personal Trainer and looking to start and build a sustainable integrity filled online business. Then you might just be a few strategies, tactics, and best practices away from Doubling your Revenue & Clients.

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Book a 15-Minute "Discovery Call" with Coach Rebekaah to design a $10k per month plan.

On this fast-paced call, we will:

1.Take a look at your current situation to see

what is/isn’t working.

2.Identify what’s possible for you and your

health & fitness in the next 90 days and beyond.

3.Uncover the #1 bottleneck restricting your

health & fitness business.

4.Develop a 3-Step Action Plan that will get

you results in your Online Fitness Business ASAP.

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Meet Coach Rebekaah

I started out as a personal trainer in 2014 – making next to nothing but working a job I loved. If I worked for a big box gym, they took my money but provided sales training and clients OR I could go off on my own, pay rent and find my own business.

I did both and by the time all was said and done, between rent, marketing & advertising, I made about the same cash. While I was frustrated – I knew there wasn’t a better job for me. When I started my career I got into competitive bodybuilding which, as you can imagine, takes a tremendous amount of time and effort and I found working in person during preps to be quite challenging.

ENTER COVID 19. A blessing. With everything being closed, I couldn’t go to work anymore. Fortunately I had very cheap rent, child support and I delivered food but I will still super broke and scraping by. Sick of it, a mentor reached out to me on Facebook one day and everything changed.

I learned how to take my struggling PT business online and finally make an impact while getting paid well – why should they be mutually exclusive?? After a year and a half of hustling and a quarter million dollars later, I felt truly in my heart a desire to help people just like me.

I wanted to help people make money more than anything else so I created my own program Gym Bro to CEO. This program is a culmination of all of my skills acquired since I began back in ‘14 and can help any struggling PT go from broke to blessed. Can’t wait to work with you too!

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